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About Pine Hill Archery Club

Pine Hill Archery Club was started in 1964 by Bill Davis on the property now known as Blanton Woods North of Danville, Indiana. We remained there sharing the property with the Girl Scouts for 32 years until the unfortunate passing of the Blanton’s. In 1996 Dave Duncan and others helped us acquire the land where we now reside. A generous donation by long time member Bob Sanderson and countless hours of volunteers sweat and labor allowed us to build our indoor range so that we could expand our clubs reach even farther into the sport.

​Pine Hill Archery Club was built on, and will forever support Field Archery, but we now support 3-D, Outdoor Target, and Indoor Archery as well. We have a full field course consisting of 28 targets, an indoor 20 yard - 28 person range, and almost 100 3-D targets. All of those things combined allow us to host shoots in almost every competitive discipline.

We host many field, indoor, and 3-D tournaments throughout the year that are open to the public and are now expanding our reach into ASA, IFAA, and S3DA tournaments. And new this fall, we have a 10-target 3D course established for practice. Please familiarize yourself with the 3D Range Rules.

We have been around for more than 5 decades and operate off of the hard work and sweat of our members. With any luck and the continued growth of the club we can be around for another 50 years. Come out and get involved in the club and the great sport of archery!


Pine Hill Archery Club By-Laws


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